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About a year and a half ago, my sister told me about a funky little store in south
Minneapolis called The Cottage House and said I had to check it out. It was
Christmas time and I thought it was kind of an odd time to buy things for a cottage,
but I wanted to meet her friend who worked there, so off I went, not having a clue as
to what was about to happen in my life.

Being December, the entire place was decorated for Christmas. There were signs of
vintage Christmas' everywhere. Tree ornaments that reminded me of Gramma's
house. Her finest china, table cloths and aprons.  Dolls (yes, Tiny Tears), games
and toys all over the place. Old fashioned glass ornaments hung from the ceilings.
Twinkling lights adorned the hallways and several trees throughout the house.
Amazing old furniture that had been turned into magnificent new furniture (shabby
chic).I felt completely transformed from a 60 year old woman in  2008 to an 8
year-old back in the 50's and wondered if the vendors could hear me squealing on
the inside.

I spent at least an hour carefully going through all the rooms in the house. The place
was so magical, I didn't want to leave. They told me that every night they brought in
new (old) merchandise so I went back every day that week to see the new (old)
things for sale.

I met the owners, Ted and Tim, and all the really cool people that work there. Each
room including the RoadHouse out back has it's own vendors and they decorate the
rooms according to the theme of the upcoming sale.  Ted even paints (decorates)
the floors every month!!!!  The entire place gets a brand new make-over every  

Fortunately the place is only open 5 days a month, or I'd be writing this Blog from the
poor house. The second week of every month became my favorite time and every
month I'd circle Wednesday to Sunday on the calendar so as not to miss the sale.

Every chance I get, I tell people about my Happy Place. It's not just a place to shop.
It's a place to reminisce. To see things you haven't seen since you were a kid. You
forget about all the complexities of the world we currently live in and the Cottage
House brings you back to simpler times.

I really hope you'll treat yourself to an hour at this very special place. Walk around
and look at all the great finds (with 50's prices!!) Grab a bag of warm popcorn and
listen to the cool tunes while you take a trip back down memory lane. It's not just a
shopping experience. It's a happy, colorful, healing experience for your mind, body
and soul. Like the guy from Men's Wearhouse says, "I guarantee it."

Oh, and by the way. I was there so often that Ted offered me the job of Head
Cashier. Be sure to say hi the next time you stop in at the Cottage House.

Echo Bodine
Author, Teacher &
Head Cashier