Our dear sweet Ted, co-owner of the Cottage House has had a dream for quite
some time to purchase the vacuum cleaner building next door to the Cottage and
expand the business. Along with other creative ideas, he wants to create a mail order
service for folks out of town.  

We all love what he does for us each month and the thought occurred to me that if all of
us who are fans of the Cottage House sent in $5.00 (or more of course), Ted could
purchase that building and give us more of what we all look forward to every month.

The building has gone into foreclosure and will be auctioned off April 28th, so we need
to act quickly. If it feels right for you to help Ted expand the Cottage, here are the options:

You can send your donation through Paypal.com at TWEBERHOGUE@aol.com   or
MAIL your donation to The Cottage House   P.O.Box 19488   Minneapolis, Minnesota

If we are not able to raise the money by the 28th, Ted will use the money you sent to
make improvements at the Cottage but let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can make
this happen. Like I said, call me crazy, but I just know we can do this.

Our April sale is next week, April 11-15th.  Paris Apartment is the theme. I hope to see
you there.


Echo B. (the cookie maker)
Call me crazy..................
but I really believe we can make Ted's
dream come true.
The Cottage House Fundraiser